Workout Motivation: Keep Exercising When You’re Alone

Every once in a while in your fitness journey, whether you are a novice or not, you will feel like you are the only one on the band wagon. This feeling might be just for a few moments (when your normal workout partners have ditched the gym to go on dinner dates) or for days (when your yoga buddy decided to focus on studying for a test) or for what seems like all the time (when you live with a husband or wife and children who never want to workout). Whatever the case may be, sometimes you need a little workout motivation.

On the “good days” it’s easy to shrug a shoulder and continue on your journey. You will happily throw on your training sneakers and find your favorite playlist without ever hesitating. You laugh out laugh and secretly sympathize with your workout partners who are about to miss out on such a great exercise session.  But those are the good days…

The “bad days” can sneak up on you without you ever expecting it, while covertly placing bunches of quite convincing excuses of why missing this ONE workout will be okay.  In your effort to incorporate stress management techniques, you start telling yourself that missing one workout routine  will be okay to ease up on busy load since you had a few good days last week.  Then one workout turns in two and two turns into three and three turns in to an entire week of missed workouts. NOT WHAT YOU WANT!

In order to see lasting results when you are trying to figure out how to lose weight, or how to lose belly fat, or even how to reduce stress, You have to stick with your regimen.

Here are 3 tips to help you increase workout  motivation and keep exercising when everyone around you is not

workout motivation

3 Tips for Workout Motivation

  1. Reduce your Workout Time and Increase the Intensity: If you know your workout partner will be away or if you are surrounded by people who aren’t interested in working out and you feel like this is going to negatively affect your fitness regimen, don’t try to aim for super long workouts. There is a higher chance that you won’t finish them or you might not ever even make it to the starting line. Simply, aim to complete short home workout routines. The kind that are about 10-15 minutes long. In some ways these can be more effective than longer workouts.  The key is to push yourself to the MAX during the short workout time. Make it the toughest 10 minutes of your day and then smile; get on with your day like it never happened.
  2. Pay Money For an Exercise Class That Week:  I have to admit that sometimes resistance will come in and even try to stop you from exercising even AFTER you’ve paid your hard earned money in advance but MOST of the time you will not want to waste your money.  If you know that your workout buddies will be gone find a cheap workout class (go to  or for some deals) and sign up for the week.   This will boost your excitement about working out because you will be trying something new and who knows, you might even find a nice work out for abs or cardio class that you love and continue when your partner returns.
  3. Have your Family Put You on Punishment: Now I know this sounds a bit crazy but before you laugh at me give me a chance to explain.  I actually do this and I find that it works. It even gives my boyfriend a slight piece of joy in knowing that he took something away from me (rolls eyes). Most of you know that I live with  a guy who doesn’t workout AT ALL.  Sometimes , I create a contract and have him take a privilege from me if I don’t work out a certain amount that week. You can do the same thing.  Have your children or mate take away something you love that week if you don’t do your workouts. They (the children especially) will love to punish you if you don’t make it. This will give you motivation to not give them the satisfaction.

What are some things that you’ve done to keep your workout motivation high regarding exercise when no one around you is doing it?