Today we are inundated with so much information on how to lose weight fast that it’s hard to know what really works. Women, especially, get all kinds of products thrown in their face and self-proclaimed fitness experts telling them what to do with an underlying goal of shoving products in their face. It’s annoying…annoying as hell actually. And it’s the main reason why many women are doing ineffective workouts routines and wondering why they don’t see results. If only we had more workout routines for women that cut through the misinformation to bring real results. If only more websites would focus less on the sponsors, advertisers, and more on providing usable content.  If only some of the instafamous influencers would stop the narcissistic rhetoric. Then maybe more women would succeed in their fitness goals.

Healthy living and weight loss requires much more than popping magic pills and effortless walks with the latest cosmo magazine in hand. It takes real work and a commitment that is not always the easiest. It takes a deep desire for change paired with intentional action. Sorry if I just crushed your 10 minute evening stroll around the park. I am not knocking your effort to move but that is the bare minimum we all should do as living beings. Weight loss requires much much more.

What’s Wrong With Cardio

Workout Routines For women should consist of more than just cardio. Cardio is necessary but it is not sufficient. Meaning it cannot stand alone if you want to real and lasting results. Just like doing crunches alone when trying to lose belly fat won’t produce much results, the same is true with cardio when trying to lose overall weight. Cardio exercises will absolutely help you burn calories. In fact, you burn more calories while working out than you do with strength training. But it’s important to think long term. Cardio helps you burn more calories now but strength training help you burn more calories when you are not working out, which is most of the time. If cardio is only helping you doing the 60 minutes that you are at the gym, what is going to help you the other 23 hours in a day? The answer is Muscle. Muscle is key. Strength and resistance training help you build muscle which boost your metabolism so that your body can continue to work when you are not working. If you do cardio alone you will hit a plateu and eventually your weight loss will come to stop.

You don’t have to worry about becoming the incredible hulk. Just focus on workout plans that include a variety of cardio and strength training when you are just starting out. It’s nice to see number of calories burned at the end of a workout but don’t get too caught up in the numbers.

Components of the Best Workout Routines For Women

  1. A Workout the includes Warm-ups and Stretches
  2. A Workout that includes Cardio in it (if not in every workout session then at least a few times a week)
  3. A Workout that includes Strength training (either with your body weight or with weights)
  4. A Workout that is progressive and allows you to increase intensity as you get better
  5. A Workout Routine that requires and emphasis the consumption of healthy food before during and after the workout.

A Few At Home Workout Routines For Women

  1. 20 Minutes to Keep Moving. 
  2. No Equipment Body Workout 
  3. Total Body Movement for Total Body Fat Loss
  4. The Maxout Workout – My favorite
  5. Cardio Chaos


You can adapt these workouts to fit your individual need and fitness level. Feel free to add some more strength training exercises to tone areas that you want to target.  I recommend a recovery protein shake. Try this one (click here) and let me know what you think.

Workout routines for women