WOW! #2 Your Work on Weekend Challenge…

Happy Friday. This weekend is a special one because tomorrow  is Cinco de Mayo!!! I know many of you are going to head to your favorite mexican restaurant to celebrate. My challenge to you is to stay on top of your fitness by completing the WOW! challenges below. This week it includes nutrition and fitness  challenges.


You can still have a fun weekend. Try to get the fitness challenge out of the way early in the morning.


  1. .  Complete this Kimf Fire Move: Either on Saturday or on Sunday



2. Find your body weight. Take that number divide it by 2. Then DRINK that many ounces of water on Saturday AND Sunday. For example. I weigh 130 pounds (on a good day). 130 divided by 2 = 65. I will drink 65 ounces of water or MORE on both saturday and Sunday.

3. Pick your favorite 5 ab or core exercises and do 5 reps of each EVERY hour on Saturday and Sunday. I am doing the Upright Ab moves from the Abs…olutely Sexy Digital Plan

If you haven’t printed or saved your MAY fitness calendar. Click the Calendar Below. I usually save mine as my desktop photo



Remember to let me know how you do via facebook and twitter (look at the social network links at the top to find me).