Your JULY 2012 Fitness Calendar is Here

Another month, another fitness calendar. This month marks the second half of the year and this calendar is loaded with many NEW workouts for you to stay on track. Aside from this calendar, I will be posting new printable workouts and new workout videos for you to enjoy too! There will be lots of new things coming this month and NEW products that I can’t wait to share with you.  My favorite being FIT DINNERS where I will provide you weekly shopping lists and videos to help you cook healthy delicious meals and workout at the same time.  Stay tuned .

The things I want you to remember this month are:

  1. Hydration. now and in the next two months of summer the heat index might be extremely high in some areas. Pay special attention to how much water you are drinking everyday. Remember, you need to take your body weight and divided it by 2. This is the number of water you should be drinking at minimum every day.
  2. Challenge Your Self. The more you workout, the stronger you will get, and the easier workout will SEEM. It’s very important that you continue to challenge yourself. You workouts shouldn’t be a BREEZE ever (unless you strategically plan a light session which is always good for recovery).  If the workouts shared on this site are too easy. Spice things up by adding resistance, more repetitions, more sets, more intensity. What ever you have to do to make your workout time well worth it.
  3. It’s always great to replenish yourself after you workout. I recommend you choose a protein of some sort. This helps repair and rebuild muscles. I use SUNWARRIOR Protein because it is an all natural plant based product.

Below is your fitness calendar. CLICK HERE for the printable PDF or Right click and save to you computer so that you can upload it to your social networks (DON’T for get to PIN IT).


Free Fitness Calendar For At HOme workouts JULY 2012