Your July 2015 Fitness Calendar

July is the point of the year when we can reflect on the first half of the year and prepare for the second half. What are some of you accomplishments since January. When thinking of your fitness journey, have you seen any progression or do you spot some areas where you can improve? It’s always beneficial to stay aware of where you are in your fitness journey so that you can effectively progress within a timely manner.


This month my little one will be 3 months old. I am so happy that I managed to stay fit while pregnant. It help me bounce back quicker.  I have transistioned from being on a maternity leave to back working with clients full time.

If you are interested in working out with me via webcam wherever you are in the world visit for more info.

Also the PRE SALE of my new book that will launch on AUGUST 1st will be available. As well as the pre sale of “Making BABY MOVES” a prenatal and postnatal guide to staying fitwhile pregnant.  Make sure you are signed up to MY EMAIL LIST to get it.


I am so excited to provide you a ton of NEW and FREE content to help you get and stay in shape from your home. Please reply below to let me know what types of workouts you want to see.




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