Time flies and we are already 10 months into the year. Unbelievable! As the warm weather disappears along side the longer days, I want you to keep it mind that cold and winter months are not the time to lose sight of your fitness regimen and exercise less.

This month  (and for the remaining winter months) you will be seeing.

  1. More workouts that can be done inside of your home.
  2. More gym friendly workouts. Printable workouts that you can take with you to the gym so that you will know exactly what to do in there.
  3. More fitness videos so that you can follow along with me.


Don’t forget to take advantage of the POWHOW LIVE Workout platform. This is a great way for us to interact with each other to get our home workouts done.

I will soon be launching the Winter workout plan. A 3 month workout tool to keep you active during the winter.


CLICK HERE FOR THE PDF PRINTABLE OF THIS CALENDAR and don’t forget to save the picture of the calendar (below) to share on your facebook, twitter, pinterst, and instagram

October 2012 Kimf Home workout Fitness Calendar