Workout Motivation: What is Your One Thing to Accomplish Daily?


Every now and then we need a bit of workout motivation and recently I read a quote from Josh Billings that said,

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]“Be like a postage stamp- Stick to one thing until you get there.”[/quote]

That short sentence really made me zero in on my own life and it answered the lingering questions of why I haven’t accomplished the things that I’ve set out to accomplish. What am I doing wrong?

My answer…

Maybe, I am trying to do way too many things. Maybe my efforts are spread too thin. I am so determined to create this paramount success from many different sources that I’m failing to master a single source. I should probably take a step back and refocus.

Often times I have this large list of everything I want for myself, my family, and my career. As a result, my to-do-list becomes overwhelming and the day ends with uncompleted tasks; leaving me feeling defeated and unaccomplished.  Eventually success seems so far out of my reach that giving up seems like the most logical thing to do.

But what if simply clearing out the clutter of what I thought I had to do and narrowed my concentration to that thing that I needed to do was the key to my success.  The small mind might interpret the focus of one thing as the longer road to one’s end goal but the truth is extraordinary results and lasting success comes from narrowed focus. Your journey to your end goal becomes shorter and less stressful when you put all of you energy into one thing, master it and move to the next thing.

This Made me think of you (All of My Keep It Moving Fitness Movers) 

The Fitness ONE THING

What if you cleaned out the clutter of your healthy living to do list and slowed down a little.  You might be feeling like eating healthy, and working out, and meditating, and spending time with family and friends has pushed you to the tipping point when added to your everyday responsibilities (work, school etc…). You might feel like you’ve tried and tried and tried and REALLY tried but you always fail and now (just like me) you feel like success with regards to your goals are out of your reach.

Now is the perfect time for you to refocus, regroup, and restart. Realize that you are only one person and the 24 hours a day that you are given will never change. You cannot spread yourself out too thin.  Stop comparing yourself to your neighbor. He or she might not have the family or work demands that you have. No one knows your journeys as well as you do.

In yoga a while back, my attempt to do a full handstand resulted in me barely getting my feet off the ground and falling over within seconds. I felt defeated. Until a month later, in a room full of yogis doing full handstands, I was able to get my feet halfway to standing for at least a minute. Though it wasn’t the level they were on, I was overjoyed with happiness because I knew where I was a few weeks earlier and the struggle it was to get even one foot off the ground. To me my half hand stand was a BIG DEAL.

I read once that, if you want your achievements to add up you should focus on subtraction not addition.  In other words, you should be doing few things more effectively instead of doing more things.

So, start focus on your BIG DEAL and see how sooner  you will reach your Bigger Picture.

I want you to take a moment and write down all of your health, fitness, and wellness goals and then figure out which one is your ONE. What’s the one thing that will make you feel like you accomplished something if you couldn’t do anything else in a day? Is it drinking 8oz of water? Is it running a mile? Is it completing a 30 minute workout?

Find your one thing and write it in the comment section below and commit to do it every day this week.  Next week your one thing might remain the same or you can pick another thing.