Your Palate Could Be Harmful To Your Babies.

Did you know that your sense of taste, or your palate, could directly impact your babies and even be harmful to them without you realizing it? What you feed your child from the first day that they are born can affect their entire life. Positive and negative associations of  food can be formed at a very young age and are the building block for living a healthy lifestyle. Here are some pointers to be aware of when it comes to your eating habits.

  •   Just because you have learned to hate one type of food that might be good for you (ie. Brussels sprouts) doesn’t mean that you should teach your child to hate them.
  • Your palate is different from your child’s. Small children don’t crave the salty or spicy things like we do sometimes. When cooking, leave the salt and spices out or just place it on individual plates, excluding your young one.
  • NEVER punish or reward behavior with food. This can lead to those food associations that we want to avoid. Healthy eating should be embedded as the only way of life. Not only when you do good.
  • Use the “sometimes” food method. If your family wants to go out for pizza. Simply explain to them that this is a sometimes not everyday.
  • Leave your bad habits in the dark.
  • For older child, involve them in the cooking process. Make it a fun game even.

Food is so important in the growing phases of a child. It can impact how they think, feel, look and even perform in school. You children model your habits so practice good eating habits that they can carry with them for a lifetime.